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A real “Leone” never stops! Find out all the sweetest and most gluttonous Leone’s new products and keep always updated about the last frontiers of taste.

Caramelle Leonsnella SteviaSugar-free Stevia candies

The sweets of 100% natural origin!
Gluten free – Without artificial sweeteners and colouring.

Stevia is a zero-calory sweetener whose origins are 100% natural as it is extracted from the homonymous plant, originally growing in South America and used since ancient times.





Pastiglie Zenzero

Ginger candy originals

The prince of spices reveals the most intense oriental note!








Linea CircusCircus line

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all Ages welcome! Welcome to the most exquisite Sweet Delight!
Charming and sugary acrobats, amusing ringmasters and double-lovely candy titbits!
Since 1857 Pastiglie Leone has been enchanting us with the most delicious show ever!!






 Lattine Circus Pocket Mirtillo

“Circus” pocket tins

Circus light-heartedness and the sweetness of Leone Candy Originals in a pocket size!






Latte Regalo Circus Maxi FORZUTO

“Circus” tin gift box

Funny, but graceful tins decorated with refined embossed friezes, which contain very gluttonous fruit jellies!







Latte Vintage VIOLETTAVintage tins

Distinguished vintage tin boxes to treasure the uniqueness of Leone Candy Originals in their most representative varieties: the scented rainbow of Mixed fruity Flavours, Cinnamon spicy intensity and the flowery delicacy of Violet.
Elegance in its everlasting Classic must.





Lattine RetròChicRetròChic tins gift box

There are colours and scents so sweet in mind to awake childhood memories. Such overwhelming shades to fill in our soul. Such unexpected flavours to hand down to us incredible stories of a past time.
RetròChic Candy Originals are real essences of the purest sweetness!





Lattine di GommoseGummy sweets tins

The exclusive use of Arabic gum (100% vegetable fiber) with neither starch nor animal gelatine enhances and distinguishes this product.
Leone’s Gummy Sweets release their intense aroma thanks to the use of carefully-selected and mixed herbal essences and extracts of aromatic plants in high concentrations.




Scrigni di CioccolatoChocolate caskets

Elegant and tasty caskets cherish delicious chocolate delicacies: tender sweet truffles, enchanting chocolate delights and wondrous chocolate-coated hazelnut brittles!






Barretta di Cioccolato Grezzo alla PietraOrange Stone-Ground Chocolate bar

Our classic stone-ground chocolate meets the best Sicilian orange to give life to a unique pleasure! Ideal to prepare the best cup of hot chocolate!







Lingottini di Cioccolato Grezzo alla PietraStone-Ground Chocolate Ingots

Ideal to always indulge in a titbit of this precious recipe!
With only 3-4 ingots it is also possible to prepare the authentic 18th Century hot chocolate!






Croccantini di nocciolaHazelnut brittles with Dark Chocolate Coating

A delicious praline concealing the sweetest secret of the finest cocoa varieties embracing crunchy “Piedmont Hazelnut” brittle!