Sweetness, colours
and human rights

Candy originals limited edition to support Amnesty International. Pastiglie Leone is proud to present the project in collaboration with Amnesty International (Italy unit) during the fortieth year of activity to defend human rights, freedom and justice. A limited edition of three tins with a unique design characterized by brilliant pastel to reflect on deep arguments of the right to equality and in defence of freedom.

Buying those classic mixed flavours 42g tins decorated with funny little buttons, each of us contribute to support Amnesty International in its action for a better world. Tins are available in single flavour or in the collection of 3 units, ideal as gift.

Pastiglie Leone will donate to Amnesty International part of the revenue from sales Laboratorio Zanzara, a non-profit social cooperative founded in Torino as a creative project to integrate people with mental disabilities, designated those tins using three poetic sentences pondered by the cooperatives’ members to describe important issues with fun and a little bit of irony. Pastiglie Leone made, always to support Amnesty International (Italy unit) a limited collection for the Pride Parade in Italy during June through a small box to share the freedom of love.

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