The new limited-edition tins collection, composed of five elegant Liberty –scented drawings, brings back the tins in their original tiny size. The founder Luigi Leone launched them towards the end of the 19th century: they were the first pocket boxes to enter ladies handbags and gentlemen pockets, offering a small Liberty masterpiece which was doomed to become history.

Curiosity: Candy originals at the beginning, and still today, have been sold unwrapped within apothecary jars; but the innovation for which Pastiglie Leone was recognized in the confectionery industry in 1880 was the idea of the pocket-sized tin. Tins, originally made only in a metallic yellow / gold colour with black inscriptions and Savoy friezes were invented at the beginning of the 20th century. Meanwhile, also the carton small boxes were invented, and they were used as tins refills.
In the ‘60s the original tin boxes were modified; a red writing to describe the different flavours was introduced. Since 2008 “limited edition” tins were produced with coloured designs and pictures, and consequently classic tins have also been coloured.

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