In 2017 Pastiglie Leone has celebrated its 160 years from the foundation. The story begins in the confectioner’s shop in Alba where Luigi Leone used to produce small and delicious candy originals intensely fragrant to delight his customers after a meal.
It was back in Year 1857, the year when the famous statesman Mr Camillo Benso Earl of Cavour was already anticipating the pleasure of the Unit of Italy relishing the fine aroma of his favourite sweets, Leone’s violet- flavoured liquorice gummy delights, soon afterwards renamed “senateurs”.
In 1934, the businesswoman Giselda Balla Monero nicknamed Lioness took over the company.
A style tasting of traditions but also scenting of novelty and future, precious heritage being nowadays proudly passed on by the Monero family with passion, competence and creativity. To once again enchant, after more than a hundred and fifty years, the gourmands of all ages.

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