Unique in the whole world: Fresh cream chocolate with fresh milk and fresh cream

In Leone’s Chocolate Factory we produce two delicious types of milk chocolate bars; the classical 34% cocoa milk chocolate and the “gourmand” edition with fresh milk 44% cocoa characterized by a toffee taste typical of the Piedmont valley fresh milk and cream. The fresh cream chocolate is unique in the whole world: Pastiglie Leone is the only producer left.

The recipe has been developed by Guido Monero – Pastiglie Leone’s president and acclaimed expert in chocolate making tradition – and draws its inspiration from an old Anglo-Saxon chocolate tradition. However, that tradition was different from the Swiss one; Swiss milk chocolate has always been produced using, instead of fresh milk, powdered milk. The fresh milk making process applies a particular technique where raw cane sugar is mixed and cooked together with fresh milk and fresh cream in order to obtain small pieces, called “ milk crumbs”. Afterwards, we add to the milk mixture a selected blend of roasted cocoa beans and we conche the chocolate for at least 60 hours. In this way the flavour and the characteristics of the fresh milk give the chocolate a full and fresh taste, which is really unique.

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