Leone’s gummy sweets.

(Without artificial colouring agents, gluten-free and without any trace of milk and shell fruits.)

Among the products that distinguish Pastiglie Leone within the confectionery industry, both at national and international level there is the gummy line, characterized by the exclusive use of Arabic Gum. This fine and unique raw material is 100% vegetable fibre. Similar to amber it is a resin obtained through an incision in the trunk and branches, the resin then tears from the plant over time.

It is found as the last vegetation before the desert, a characteristic Acacia tree of the Kordofan region in Sudan. Known and used since ancient times Arabic gum is a thickening agent that is odourless and tasteless and is steadily combined with other ingredients. The use of Arabic gum also has the benefit that the gummy has a lower calorie content then sugar free gummies! Leone’s Gummy sweets release their intense aroma thanks to the use of carefully selected and mixed herbal essences and extracts. These ingredients taken from aromatic plants in high concentration highlight their emollient, balsamic and antiseptic features. Currently there are only a few products on the market using Arabic gum this is due to the high costs and availability of raw materials. These typical products include modified starch or animal origin gelatine a cheaper and less healthy additive. Our gummy as Guido Monero says has a stronger consistency and a longer shelf life due to the exclusive use of Arabic gum and made in respect to the traditional recipe! In some ways Leone’s gummy may be considered as precursor of chewing gum, since it has to be chewed for a long time resulting in the same lovely anti-stress effect.
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